Friday, October 07, 2016



a) Art is a life mission, not a vocation b) Music must be a major part of your life before it can become your livelihood c) If the audience doesn't respond, take a hint and do something musically different.
  d) doing something different does not mean you are giving up on a dream; it means you are stepping out of the way of an oncoming train e) be original; if you are copying something already successful you are being annoying f) if you are original you are probably being annoying. g) love is the greatest transaction of the arts; don't focus on money. h) the audience is the greatest benefactor of the arts; show them love and they will show you the money. i) be at peace with failure; it is a stepping stone to success. j) success is an illusion and has nothing to do with real life. k) being popular is a drug; it often means you have simply achieved the lowest common denominator and isn't necessarily something you should be proud of. l) your instrument is an extension of your heart, not your hands. m) Critics are incapable of achieving what they are judging. Ignore them. n) being in tune is more important than playing perfectly. o) never edit in the sound of an audience that didn't show up. It's called "lying." p) own your dream; others will support anything they are not liable for. q) be honest; be fair; be motivated; be patient. Each is a building block to house your dream. r) your dream is a carpet of stars floating in the universe before you; keep your carpet clean. s) forgiving someone's mistake will make them more loyal to you. t) the audience is the greatest benefactor of the arts; view them as hearts, not wallets. u) invest in yourself; if you don't no one else will, either. v) accept the true size of your audience; sometimes they are simply on your front porch or living room couch. Don't be ashamed of their location. w) Be humble and truthful with yourself; accept the true reach of your influence; being effective in your home town is better than being a non-existant ghost in the national consciousness; x) your CD is your business card; give it freely. y) you get paid if you have an audience; if you don't have a audience, don't complain if you aren't getting paid. z) "free" works. Use it wisely. mj, 



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Am a huge fan of Woodsongs. Went to the website after today's show (Tommy Emmanauel!)and discovered the album, The Dream. How can I purchase one? I am a DJ on a tiny, rural, all-volunteer community radio station in NW Washington: KSVU 90.1 fm, Concrete, WA. (and no, we don't stream, but we do have a website)
Please let me know.
Many thanks,
Christie Lee Fairchild (aka the Local Yokel)
phone: 360-853-8588,