Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Notes from the WoodSongs Fireplace - Oct 25

Thoughts from MJ on show 372:
I hooked up with Happy and his lovely wife Jane at the Gratz Park Inn in Lexington for breakfast early Monday morning. We tried to get together for dinner Sunday night but they came in somewhat late from Nashville. I hoped to have them at the farmhouse for a home cooked pasta dinner with my home made organic Pine Nut pasta sauce (it simmers for 16 hours people!!)

It was great visiting with him and just getting to know this wonderful musician. It made me wish WoodSongs was longer than an hour, he has accomplished so much.

Toshi got to the theatre about 4:30, right oon time. She is a very sincere and socially aware woman with great insight into how people, the audience, feels.

The show went smothly enough for folks not to notice the inevitable flaws. The crew, as always, was wonderful. Especially KC who comes through for us week after week. It would be a lesser show without him running the load in and load out.

After the show, the Traums, Toshi and I went to Natashas Cafe. Nikki Finney came along, a fine poet and social activist who was absolutely delightful. She doesn't have a website up but when she does you should Google her name and read her poetry. Very moving.

Got home about 11PM and spent sometime in front of the fireplace working on song lyrivs for todays recording session. I hope to begin mixing the Evening Song album next week.