Sunday, December 20, 2009

WoodSongs HD-TV

Subject: The WoodSongs High-Def TV Drive,

Dear Friends & Fans of WOODSONGS,

How can we ever say Thank You! to everyone who supported our broadcast ... Thanks to the audience, to the radio stations and public television stations that broadcast our show, to the artists who travel to our hometown of Lexington, KY to appear on our stage ... and to the absolutely amazing WoodSongs Crew who volunteer to produce 44 new programs each year.

2009 was a banner year for WoodSongs, everyone from Judy Collins to the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band graced our stage. Already, our 2010 schedule is filling up with incredible roots artists from around the world who want to meet the 2 million listeners and viewers of WoodSongs. Our goal is to enhance and improve our broadcast so that we can rise up to the challenge and level of the music we are presenting.

That's not always so easy ... even though WoodSongs is all-volunteer run (me, the engineers and TV directors, the crew, even the artists who appear on the stage are all volunteers) it still takes a great amount of resources to keep the show growing. Hey, it costs a LOT to work for FREE! Our show is sponsored by you, the audience ... not big corporations.

So for the first time, and we do this with great caution and respect, we will invite the audience to directly suppport the show.
There are three ways you can help:

a) Keeping attending the WoodSongs show tapings. You folks are AWESOME and you make WoodSongs look and sound great every week as you fill the Kentucky Theater. Thank you!!!

b) Become a WoodSongs Partner. This next year we hope to increase our family of WoodSongs Partners by an additional 200 people. It is fun, simple, fast, cheap, you get cool stuff plus it really, REALLY helps stabilize the show financially. If you are already a Partner, Thank you! Maybe you can invite your friends and co-workers to be part of our musical effort.

c) We need to turn the WoodSongs TV broadcast into a high-definition program.

We are doing great on TV. Nationwide, public television stations (thanks to Insight Communications and KET) have been airing our show coast-to-coast. But the TV world is quickly converting to high-def ... and WoodSongs is only basic, standard def. If we don't move now we will begin losing this massive TV base we have achieved. Staying standard-def would be no different than if we stayed mono while the world turned stereo. We must upgrade soon.

So, we are trying to raise $260,000 ... yes, you are reading the correct number ... to buy the hi-tech gear, switchers, lights, lens and cameras we need to make WoodSongs the biggest, the best, the most successful broadcast of its kind in the world. If you are comfortable enough to pitch in, every $10, $25, $50, $100 counts ... heck $1000. If you want to make a small, medium or legacy donation, we would love to talk to you.

To be clear: WoodSongs is thriving, healthy and doing great - we simply need to make it BETTER as fast as possible.
Somewhere out there, there is a music-loving angel reading this who can become the biggest "WoodSongs Partner" ever.

To support the WoodSongs High-Def TV Drive, please call us at 859-255-5700, email or mail your support to WoodSongs, PO Box 200, Lexington KY 40588.
Yes we take credit cards. Yes you can make a large donation into WoodSongs, Inc (501-c-3) and take a tax credit.

As always, Thank you!