Friday, November 16, 2007

Start a WoodSongs Coffeehouse

Pete Seeger used music to help clean up the Hudson River. He put a bunch of folksingers on a hand built sloop called the Clearwater, sailed up and down the Hudson and played concerts along the shore. The idea was
"... get folks to the river for the music, let them see how dirty it is, and they will want to clean it up all on their own."

Pete was right.

Music makes a community FEEL like a community.
Music makes a hometown IMPORTANT.

WoodSongs has great hometown project that is working in many cities right now ... Start your own hometown, local
WoodSongs Coffeehouse. A few times a year, once a month, whenever you like you and your friends bring great music, great artists, poets, musicians, and great fun to audiences in your community. It a wonderful way to gather people together ... and share good things. When communities come together and sing ... good things will happen.

Music lovers turn living rooms, cafes, church basements, garages (the WoodSongs Coffeehouse in Las Vegas is in a converted auto shop called the "GarageMahal") into small concert venues and invite some brilliant artists in their region to stop by for music. Sell tickets or pass the hat and enjoy a pot luck supper. We show you how, step by step. All new
WoodSongs Coffeehouses get a great start up manual that I wrote to help them get it going.

And it's all FREE.
Visit our page at for details.

PASS THE WORD ON, and consider starting your own
WoodSongs Coffeehouse!


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Red Tree Gallery Gal said...

Michael, no more blogging? Did you find the brownhaired girl? You left us hanging. I would offer to be your ghostwriter, but have enough trouble with my own blog. I'm looking forward to hosting you in June, in Winnsboro, SC. Maybe I will hear the rest of the story. Hope it is happily ever after.