Friday, July 22, 2011

WOODSONGS III: Excerpt from my next book:

Here is an excerpt from my upcoming book "WoodSongs III: A Folksinger's Song Book, Social Commentary and Front Porch Manual" due out later this year ... about the aftermath of growing up in a violent, alcoholic home:

“Abandonment is no less a betrayal than adultery; no less cruel than abuse; no less painful than death ..."

It’s like being adrift in a stormy black sea, losing sight of your location, losing sight of the shore. You can’t breath and you can’t keep your head above the churning waters no matter how hard you try as you desperately strain to navigate yourself toward anything that resembles safe land.

And that land is “Love,” and “Family” and “Home” and the unattainable idea that you can ever be loved. Arriving at dry harbor, tired and exhausted and unsure, you crawl toward a dream seeking an allusive paradise of affection and confidence that you are completely untrained and unprepared to recognize. Love becomes an crushing internal tsunami that you do not understand, yet desperately need.

You drag yourself upon the sandy shore with no maps, no navigation, no sense of direction. It’s like walking through an island peppered with land mines, detonating and exploding around you. With each step you cup your ears in anticipation of the next thunderous roar of heartache, because you are used to it. You expect it. You have learned the art of tolerating the intolerable as you keep moving forward no matter what ... hating every moment of it and yet unable to change it. And the relationships that you form seem to be with others walking the same path, others nearest who are navigating the same mine fields.

And when you finally find that delicate rose of love, that paradise of home and family, that precious and unkind ‘moment of deception’ where you actually think you are being ‘loved-no-matter-what’ and you give your whole self, your whole heart and life force to it ... the storm winds of your youth come surging back as the mines explode at your feet. You are left alone in complete disbelief as you again pick up the smoldering, chard pieces of every dream you had.

And when the smoke finally clears and the thunder subsides, you step forward again ... with a little more fear than before, cupping your ears and bracing, waiting, anticipating the next moment of detonation.”

(Michael Johnathon c2011/Rachel Aubrey Music Inc/BMI)


Anonymous said...

Hi Michael:

I saw your show Woodsongs last night for the first time. Your guest was the amazing Neko Case - again someone I had never heard or heard of before. I must have been living under a rock these past few years!:):)
I am writing to say how much I am inspired by your show and especially your writing. I can relate extremely well to this piece you have excerpted from your book. You are most gifted which is something I believe comes directly from your unfortunate experiences with life and love in your past.

I am a writer - not that you would gather it by this ordinary message - but I am always thirsty for inspiration and I feel happy to have "discovered" you and your show, music, web-site and especially your writing. I will be buying your book and I cannot wait to devour every word.

All the best, Michael
Cathy, A Canadian kindred spirit

Sandy said...

Michael, I love your outlook on life my husband and I rarely missed your shows. The entertainment it gave us those Sat. mornings while my husband lay in the hospital bed here at our home was magical.Fred passed away this past June but the memories we shared while watching and listening will remian in my heart
Sandy Union, Ky 41091

emiyl said...

Your white aura of clear light gives me inspiration to find what is good and right in life again as sadness took my mind on a wild ride and its my time- time to snap out and up like your songs powerful meaningful lyrics directed

gwen mccane (varner) said...


Your music, your writing, YOU move me deeply. I saw your show for the first time a few months ago and have enjoyed it tremendously every week since.

As I read the excerpt from your book, I felt every emotion possible. You are an inspiration and I thank you for sharing your gift with "me" (I feel it is just me as your words touch me as if you are speaking directly to me and I can feel them).

I have yet to make it to a live show, as Mondays are difficult for me, and I am in Cincinnati, Ohio, however, I am working on it and would love the opportunity to meet you in person sometime.