Tuesday, January 08, 2013

WOODSONGS at the LYRIC - More Questions

So much positive energy!
First, the WoodSongs Crew have worked their tails off getting the Lyric Theatre “WoodSongs-ready.” Everything from programming the audio consoles, upgrading the lighting grid, creating the rigging for the WoodSongs sign and curtains to hang on stage, running TV cables in the ceiling so they aren’t on the ground around the audience, even preparing the green rooms for the artists heading to Lexington … the Lyric Theatre in downtown Lexington has been buzzing like a beehive with activity.

"I dip my pen in the blackest ink,  
because I'm not afraid of falling into my inkpot." 
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sure, changing theatres was a big risk. And a lot of work. The Lyric staff have been outstanding in their helpfulness. Yetta Young, who opened the doors for us and has since moved to the west coast, left us in the capable hands of Rasheedah El-Amin as well as Jack, Terry, Sim, Maurice and Denise on the theatre staff.
"It's a shallow life that doesn't 
give a person a few scars." 
~Garrison Keillor

Of course, with any change, there are always those pesky rumors to deal with. Change can be wonderful … and cumbersome.  So, here is stuff the audience will want to know:
b)   HOW MANY SEATS ARE THERE? About 500, nearly 200 seats more than the Kentucky Theatre.
d)   IS THERE ENOUGH PARKING? Plenty. The Lyric is a wonderful theatre that has enjoyed several sold-out shows already. The audience has easy, close, well lit parking in a lot across the street from the entrance; another parking lot next door across Elm at the big UK Medical Offices; and scores of close parking spots along both sides of Elm and along 3rd (thank you, City of Lexington!) 
IS IT SAFE?:  Of course it is. We would never have moved the show if it wasn't. Let's talk about perceptions for a moment ... a few decades ago the neighborhood was different. Today, it is vastly improved and moving forward in a good, positive way. The Lyric has easy, free, safe, nearby parking with well light streets that, in my opinion, are even safer than what we had with the Annex Garage. For example: years ago, the north side of Lexington was not considered in a proud manner. Today it is the home of a multi-million dollar high school that hosts the incredible successful Spanish-immersion program, stores, shopping malls, cafes and more. Those who retain the perception of decades ago are losing the excitement of what is happening today. 'nuff said.
e)    WILL TICKET PRICES GO UP? Nope. Part of the benefits of the Lyric Theatre is that is well help ensure the WoodSongs Partners Program and the inexpensive public tickets to see outstanding artists will be protected.
f)     HOW DOES THE LYRIC IMPROVE WOODSONGS? The theatre was remodeled with modern technology, making our conversion to hi-def TV easier and less expensive.  There is a bigger, safer lighting grid for the crew to work with, and the audio system is digital helping the show sound better on the air.
g)    DO WE STILL MAKE RESERVATIONS THE SAME WAY? Yes, just call 859-252-8888. A nice thing about the Lyric is that it also has computerized and online ticketing so when we have special event broadcasts, like the 700th show with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, getting tickets will be easier and faster for the audience that want to attend.
h)   WHAT IS BETTER FOR THE ARTISTS: Aside from a bigger stage to perform on, the Lyric has brand new green rooms, the place where we serve visiting artists dinner (provided by our generous downtown restaurants) and coffee before the show. There are showers, make up mirrors and a place to safely store their gear. It makes for a more professional, hospitable way to welcome them to Lexington.

In short, the Lyric Theatre is newer, more modern, better equipped, has better lighting, nicer green rooms for the artists, it will sound better and it will help WoodSongs grow to the next level.

If ... if ... you show up. lol.

First show is January 21, 2013 ... come check it out.
And bring the kids :)

"Only those who dare to fail greatly
can ever achieve greatly." 
~Robert F. Kennedy


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