Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Notes from the WoodSongs Fireplace - Show 378

I love our audience.

A big chunk of Lexington had a power failure that started about an hour before showtime and they still showed up and filled the theatre.

Certainly, it was worth it.

Pam Rose is a brilliant songwriter with a lovely voice. Truly a fine instrument. She and I had dinner at Natasha's after the show and had a great conversation - everything from songwriting to the Beatles to Janis Ian. I think she is the sister I didn't know I wish I had.

It's always good to see Phil, Curt and crew. Genuinely nice guys and great musicians. Performing with Uncle Phil during our song was a real treat. He made the song sparkle.

Regarding the iPod issue ... let's everybody just say "uh-huh" :)


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