Monday, November 28, 2005

Notes from the WoodSongs Fireplace .... Nov 28

Show #377

David Schnaufer is my hero.

Here's a guy who took an old mountain laptop dulcimer and, for a time, traveled the world stage with it. I remember watching his video on CMT, back when the network was run by Stan Hitchcock and still adventerous and good, in total amazment that David was even on it at all. He and his performing partner Butch make a great
musical team. You should watch the video broadcast on our archives page and notice how clean and light David strikes the strings when he's playing. And his instrument is perfectly intonated. Just beautiful.

And the Peasall Sisters are still a delight. What great kids and what a great family. My son, MichaelB was at the show tonight for a while and got to play with their young brother Jeffrey Peasall backstage. I so loved that my son was there and part of it. Of course he had way too many donuts, but that's another story ...

It was a stormy day in Lexington. Tornado warnings everywhere but the audience showed up and filled the theatre. What a great hometown. Of course, the real thunder wasn't in the skies tonight ... it was on the stage.
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