Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Notes From the WoodSongs Fireplace - Show 379

The final show of 2005.

The house was packed again. It was pretty slim a week ago, but this amazing audience showed up and by the weekend all the seats were reserved. To think that hundreds of people will go through the hassel of downtown traffic at rush hour during dinner time - on a Monday night no less - to be at WoodSongs is awe inspiring. And humbling.

It makes everyone want to deliver the best show possible.

It was great to have Ben back on stage. We've missed him. He came to us when he was 17 and we've watched him mature into a truly brilliant player. He's been on the road some with Abigail and it is a fine pairing. Although I can't say how good it will be for WoodSongs to have Ben back on stage again.

Cherish the Ladies are, in a word, brilliant. And incredibly easy to work with. So was Abigail, of course. No wonder they do so well. The true masters and pros are always the easiest to have around. They can go with the flow, nothing rattles them, they can play through any problem.

The amatures rant and rave and stomp off because things are what they wanted. Fortunately, that only happened once at WoodSongs.

And speaking of pros, Bela Fleck showed up :)

If you didn't hear it on the air, you can watch on the archives, he came onstage during the encores.

Have fun, See you all on 2006 and Folk On!


Pan said...

I have recently discovered Woodsongs and am thrilled. I actually found you through a notice Abigail sent out and I have been plowing through your archives with pleasure ever since.
My whole family sat down to watch Cherish the Ladies and Abigail. The sound was pumped through our stereo and was fantastic.
I only wish you could have gotten that mic out from in front of Abigails face during most of her interview.
Anyway, Fantastic work and a big thankyou. We have sent some bucks your way to support your efforts.
Thanks.. Pan Wilson and family.

Leah said...

That was an amazing show!!! I drive through traffic to make it to Woodsongs only to hear that it was sold out but your wonderful volunteers found me 2 seats at the last moment.

I was so excited to finally see Ben and Abigail perform together! I heard their tour in China was great and had to make it to at least one show in the states. Cherish the Ladies was spectacular as well and their vocalist blew me away!

Those who didn't make it to the show really missed out... the archives don't do them justice! :)

MarteeMB said...

The January schedule looks great. I would feel guilty if I didn't let you know that many years ago, Odetta arrived as a paid performer to a city-wide religious gathering at Rupp Arena VERY, VERY drunk. Enough so that she had to be helped to the stage, tried to do her comments then sing; had to be "helped" to leave, and the many gathered choirs carried on. As I said,it was long ago,but you might just think about it.