Thursday, January 12, 2006

Notes From the WoodSongs Fireplace - show 380

I am surrounded by an amazing, magnificient volunteer crew. They make WoodSongs possible - for me, the artists who appear on the show. And for you. Without them, there is no WoodSongs.

I guess Kevin Johnson is first on this list. He's our chief engineer ... we call him Darth Fader, because he sits behind the huge mixing console. If you like the way WoodSongs sounds, Kevin is the guy along with Brandon and Adrian and the rest of the audio crew.

Jim Piston works for the Kentucky PBS affiliate. He's very busy, very accomplished, very smart. I've known Jim for years and we've done all my music videos together. He's good, those videos aired on TNN, CMT and VH-1 because he is so technically careful and artistic. The past two weeks, Jim has pretty much consumed himself into making WoodSongs a national TV broadcast. A TV broadcast of a live audience radio show.

Corday, his new wife and an on-air announcer for the show, is also the WoodSongs Crew Captian. She organizes the varios jobs for the crew so everything is organized. And it always is. Corday, like Jim, offered a tremendous amount of time and effort to maiiung the TV broadcast of WoodSongs possible.

KC Campbell, another of the hard working crew members, contructs and then brings down the set every week. Without KC, there is no WoodSongs.

And without you there is no WoodSongs. Without the audience there is no art. Nothing. I guess what I am trying to do is say Thank You, as passionately and publicly as I can.

This is an amazing ride ...

Monday night
January 9, 2006

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