Friday, January 20, 2006

Notes from the WoodSongs Fireplace - Show 381


She has one name long before Madonna and Prince made it popular. She was the inspiration for Dylan to pick up the acoustic guitar. She made Janis Joplin want to learn how to sing like you "own" the song. Odetta is a magnificient woman, a true friend and generous lady. She could have been anywhere in the nation this past Monday. It was Martin Luther King, Jr Day. She marched and sang with Dr. King. She was there with him during his
"I Have A Dream" speech.

She could have been anywhere on that day.
No doubt earning a huge fee.
But she came to WoodSongs for free.

What an example of a genuine soul who puts the audience and the art first. After the show, we had dinner together at Natasha's Cafe. My friends Bonnie, Richard and Richard Jr and Erica, who came to the show as audience members, joined us. Odetta sat with them and treated them as if they were old friends. Odetta and her musical passion deserves to be studied closely by every new artist.


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