Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Notes from the WoodSongs Fireplace - Nov 15

We had two moms on the show last night.

I never really know what the theme or underlying point of a show is until the last 5 minutes. That's when it always seems to hit me or come together. Lot's of listeners think I go into the broadcast with this idea already structured ... but I don't. The show is done with the barest of notes and, to be honest, I don't even look at the artists press kits until the morning of the WoodSongs taping.

I force myself absorb the show as if I were one of the million + listeners. And last night it was about moms. Moms who do so much so well and still let music and art be part of their life. What a very beautiful thing to behold. Both Alison and Beth had their children at the theatre, on the road with them. OK, Beth's was on stage performing but Alison and Garry have a very young, adorable blonde haired toddler.

I love it when my children come to WoodSongs. Because of things I can't control, they rarely do. They are not encouraged to be part of it or to enjoy wha t their daddy does. So it is very difficult at times to talk about families being musical togehter when my own children are not part of what I am doing.

Sometimes, the very best lessons in life are learned from loss. That's why I don't want others to lose the chance to make their music a living part of their families.

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