Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Notes from the WoodSongs Fireplace - Nov 23

One of the most romantic melodies I know is the title cut from Acoustic Eidolon's album. You can hear it on the encore portion of last nights show. I think Joe and Hanna, aside from being good friends, are great musicians. They came to the show with their son Zack this time, a fine and well mannered young boy. MichaelB should have been there to hang out with him. I wish schedules would have let us have some down time, last time they visited the show we all got together and had homemade pasta and wine in front of the fireplace at my old farmhouse. It is always wonderful to see them.

Jamie Hartford is a great singer. I know he's gotten his reputation with his guitar (he plays the driving electric guitar in the new Johnny Cash epic motion picture) but he is also a great singer. He can really reach the bottom, much like Randy Travis. Low and clear. Our friend Mike Bubb, who we kid around with mercilessly, was part of the band. As was Randy Kohrs, a twin son of different Mother of Rob Ickes.

I'm really happy that Scott Napier has joined the Folkboy Orchestra. What a great player and a good hearted guy. He certainly fits in. He and his wife dismantled an old log cabin they found and reassembled it on their property. How totally WoodSongs!

As much as Scott adds to our music I still miss my friend Harsha. We all do. This coming Monday he should be back from his trip and we can say a proper Thank you and Farewell, musically anyway.

And by the way, thanks to all of the folks who listen and write. This whole effort is for you.
Michael Johnathon
folksinger - tree hugger

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