Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Notes from the WoodSongs Fireplace .... Oct 31

WoodSongs show taping on Monday October 31:

Well, this was a good one that meant a lot to me. I was performing a concert in Connecticut (really nice theatre outside of New Haven) when Bryan called me to say that John McEuen agreed to hustle all the way up to Lexington to replace Tish Hinajosa, who dropped out because of management issues at the last minute. I was looking forward to seeing Tish ... my friend Kari Estrin worked with her and, although I'm sure she doesn't recall, we shared a stage at a folk festival in Tuscan AZ a few years ago.

Jamie and Jonathan of HANNA-McEUEN did great, I liked their stuff and they have personality on stage, a lot of banter and humour. Of course, doing anything with John is like riding a roman candle heading straight into the fiery furnace of the sun. Lord knows what he's going to do but it is always wonderful. I loved his banjo playing during the encore (you can see it on the archive broadcast) and we even traded some pretty horrid banjo jokes.

Wasn't thrilled with my opening song, The Wishing Well. I played it in Connecticut as the encore song and the crowd roared in laughter but the folks in the theatre Monday didn't seem to connect. It shows the difference between a WoodSongs broadcast and concert performance ... they are VERY different and I should have remembered that.

Oh well ... :)

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